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Full text of "Meeting of the ARPA Computer Network Working Group at UCLA"

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Elmer B, Shapiro 
. SRI 
The ARPA Computer Network Working Group met at UCLA the evening of 
November 16, 1967. In attendance were: 
B. $oehm (RAND) 
G. Buck (UCSB) 
L. Kleinrock (UCLA) 
/L. Roberts (ARPA) 
E.' Shapiro (SRI) 
R. Taylor (ARPA) 
B, Wessler (ARPA) 
Three topics were discusse: 
(1) objectives of the Working Group (see attachment 1) 
(2) a report outline (see attachment 2) 
(3) functional characteristics (see attachment 3) 
Work assignments suggested by members of the group were: 
Report IMP Functional Char. 
Members of the group who can contribute to topics assigned to others 
were urged to assist the latter by contributing ideas, etc. Written 
material should be distributed to all members of the group as it 
becomes available. Wessler is to be called by all on or before 
November 30 to provide him with a progress report. A target date 
for completion of the draft report is still January 31, 1968. 
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.. a t t actunent I 
Proposed Objectives of the Working Group 
To develop a draft report covering the IMP 
software and IMP hardware. 
2. To suggest acceptance test criteria and procedures. 
3. To suggest communication network conflurationm, 
4. To suggest evaluation criteria to be applied to responses. 
5. To recommend a development schedule, 
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attachment 2 
Suggested Outline of Working Group Report 
I. Introduction 
A, Network objectives and uses 
B. Host-IMP relationship 
C. Host types and locations 
D. Communication features 
II. Scope 
A. Delivery of"basic IMP" hardware and 
basic IMP programs 
B. Installation of IMP's, to work in conjunction 
with customer-supplied communication facilities 
and customer-supplied host computers 
C. Delivery of documentation (including tutorial 
meetings) pertaining to basic IMP programs, 
hardware, communications, and site installations 
D. Conduct of acceptance tests 
E. Network operation and maintenance. 
Description of IMP boundary conditions 
A. IMP-host interface 
B. IMP-communication acility interace 
C. Host-host traffic characteristics 
D. Response time requirements 
E. Communication network features 
F. Host computer features 
IV. Functional description of IMP 
V. Schedule 
A. Network growth sequence 
B. Acceptance testing 
C. Report to users (including tutorial meetings) 
D. Documentation delivery 
VI. Acceptance test 
A. Scope and nature of test 
B. Evaluation and acceptance criteria 
C. Customer preparations and related contingency plans 
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Documentation and reporting 
A. Tutorial meetings 
B. Final documentation 
1. Scope 
2. Formats _ 
Network maintenance and operation 
Proposed format 
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IN TM Functional Characteristics 
A. Store and forward 
Routing, error checking, retransmission, 
acknowledgements, memory channel maintenance 
B. Interfac to host 
Header formation, acknowledgement (host) 
C. IP directed messages 
D. Fault recovery 
A. Standard host interface (serial) 
B. Dataphone interface 
C. Cyclic redundancy creation and checking 
D. General purpose processor 
E. ASCII transparent character 
F. No tape, discs, drums, cards on the basis 
of reliability 
G. Hardware loader vs tape reader 
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